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In Simple Words:

Human rights are rights that all people have, regardless of skin color, gender, country, culture, language, faith, or other status. These rights are available to each person, without exception.

Here is a list of issues in human rights:

  • Human trafficking
  • Refugee relocation
  • Worker rights
  • Gender equality
  • and so much more...

Joint Ph.D Program

The joint Ph.D. degree is a three-year program organized by the University of Padova and maintained by Western Sydney University (Australia), Zagreb University, Faculty of Law (Croatia), Panteion University - Athens (Greece), and University of Nicosia (Cyprus) (Italy).

Western Sydney University

Zagreb University

University of Nicosia

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Why Pursue Further Education?

There are several reasons that someone should get a Ph.D, but the decision is ultimately to go get the degree if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. One great advantage is that you get to take advantage of the opportunity to conduct research. Another important takeaway is that a person becomes an expert in a specific field. Expert-level knowledge is achieved through further education. One such example can be seen with lawyers. Going further, a field of law may be family law such as those at Sterling Lawyers.

Another great reason to pursue further education is to broaden career opportunities. With today's job market being so competitive, a Ph.D, Masters, etc. will allow a person to stand apart from the competition and get the competitive advantage.

What Are the Graduate School Requirements?

One of the biggest requirements that graduate schools look at are the official transcripts. These will be from all the undergraduate institutions that a person attended. The GPA illustrates a long term commitment to learning.

The next item that you will need is a standardized test score. The most common test is called the "GRE." It is important to note that some programs do not require a standardized test.

Th third item would be a résumé as this will provide a summary of your education, job history, research, and more.

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